One of the first few practitioners of Anthroposophic Medicine in the U.S. He had a busy family practice in upstate New York in a Waldorf school-and biodynamic farming community for 23 years, until 1996. He then moved to Denver to help the growth of anthroposophic medicine in the west. He founded and practiced at the Gilpin Street Holistic Center in Denver until August 2006, when he moved to Crestone, Colorado where he continues to practice part-time in his home. Crestone is four hours south of Denver by car, and is about the same distance from Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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Dr. Incao's special interest is learning how to apply to practical healing Rudolf Steiner's invaluable and profound insights into the human being. Dr. Incao has been studying children's health, the immune system, infections and vaccinations since 1970, and has given many lectures and written several articles on these topics. Dr. Incao wrote two chapters and the concluding summary of the book, The Vaccination Dilemma, edited by Christine Murphy and published by Steiner Books. Dr Incao's article on vaccinations and the immune system, "Supporting Children's Health" in the September 1997 issue of Alternative Medicine Digest magazine, generated much interest and was reprinted in Asia, Norway, Canada and Australia. He has served as an expert witness in court of law in several trials concerning vaccinations and has submitted medical opinions in support of parents seeking compensation for their vaccine-damaged children. Philip Incao studied liberal arts and life sciences at Wesleyan University and then received his MD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1966. He studied Anthroposophy and Anthroposophic Medicine in Forest Row, England and Arlesheim, Switzerland.
An article by medical writer Melissa Block on Dr. Incao's recommendations for treatment of children's acute inflammatory illnesses appeared in the July2003 issue of Mothering Magazine. It's titled. "The Healing Crisis: Don't Worry Mom, I'm Just Growing”. Other articles by Dr Incao, are available as PDF files (download a free PDF reader):     A Spiritual View of Addiction (20.KB) A Radio Interview with Dr. Philip Incao (19.1mb) Infectious Diseases (Second Thoughts on the Germ Theory) (295.7 KB) Physician's path (2.2mb Diet Addendum (64 kb) Diet Suggestions (1.pdf),(2.pdf),(3.pdf),(4.pdf) The Problem of Autoimmune Disease (139kb) What are Viruses really (804kb) Urgent Need for a New Kind of Thinking (178kb)     Rethinking Cancer (link) (Video) with Dr Incao     A New Attitude Toward Fevers (95Kb) NEW     Osteoporosis (8.2Kb)     Testimony- Hepatitis B Vaccination- Ohio House of Representatives (23Kb)     Home Remedy Kit Directions (260Kb)     What are Epidemics? (25Kb)     Seven Levels of Illness and Healing (25Kb)     The Potential Negative Impact of a Vaccine Tracking System on Children's Health in Colorado (386Kb) (Clearer 616Kb version)     Understanding Germs and the Immune System and Vaccinations (revised 09/14/17, 442Kb)     Tending the Flame (76Kb)     The Reason for Childhood Diseases (14Kb)     Reflections on Immunity, Vaccinations & Smallpox (38Kb)     The Paradigm Shift in Medicine and Science (17Kb)     Understanding Infection: Not a Battle but Housecleaning (57Kb) For Anthroposophic Medicine in the Denver-Boulder area of Colorado, please see, otherwise see for a list of US doctors who practice anthroposophic medicine. Dr Incao is no longer accepting new patients.  
Dr. Philip Incao